Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ruth's Chris Steak House - A restaurant review

We interrupt your regularly scheduled noms for a restaurant review.

Ruth's Chris Steak House - Boston, MA

We arrived at the restaurant on Valentine's Day half an hour early for our 6:15 reservation (Boston traffic wasn't as bad as we expected).  They apologized and informed us they were running 30-45 minutes behind on reservations.  So we shuffled off to stand and wait in the hallway.  All of the seats were taken by others, and the lounge was offered to many (not us for some reason), but I hadn't eaten much during the day, trying to save my calories for dinner, and was far too hungry to risk alcohol on my empty stomach.

I don't normally wear high heels.  Like, ever.  Of course I was wearing them that night, and while we listened to people freak out at the hostess about the wait (they're called RESERVATIONS!), I quietly stood and suffered.  I tweeted, I complained on Facebook, but we just stood there quietly and hoped for the best.

We finally got seated at 6:45, after waiting for an hour.  Our waiter Christopher was very nice and didn't seem as frazzled as some may on such a busy night.  We were served bread and drinks (diet Coke for Prof. Peanutbutter, Medocino Fog Chardonnay for myself).  The butter was soft and delicious, as can be appreciated by someone living off of I Can't Believe it's Not Butter.  Real French bread was also a treat.

We ordered off the Fall/Winter specials section of the menu, where you could get a soup or salad, entree, side, and dessert for $39.99 per person ($49.99 for the more expensive entrees).  A very good deal where a meal for two can run well over $150.  We both started with the Harvest Salad, which was INCREDIBLE.  Mixed greens, goat cheese, dried cherries, pecans, and bacon with a white wine vinaigrette dressing.  I absolutely love salads with nuts, fruit, and cheese, and we both ate every last bite.

For entrees, I ordered the salmon and Prof. Peanutbutter had the filet and shrimp.  I had corn pudding for my side (as you know I'm a sucker for corn anything) and he ordered green beans with a backup of mashed potatoes if they were out (because we heard someone mention they were) and somehow they brought him creamed spinach, so that had to be replaced with mashed potatoes.  Otherwise, no major food mistakes.

I have had steak there before, but this was his first time.  I got the salmon to be a little healthier, and fully expected my steak-loving fiance to fall in love with their filet.  And he did...oh yes he did.  One bite and his eyes closed in ecstasy.  I tried a bite too and immediately regretted my salmon.  It was good, but the steak was DIVINE.  So tender you barely had to chew.  The salmon was served with a butter and rosemary sauce on a bed of veggies.  Yummy, but not heavenly.

The corn pudding was the most amazing part of my meal and I have GOT to figure out how to make it.  It was corn baked in a sweet cream sauce.  I almost cried when I was too full to finish it.  The Prof's potatoes were equally impressive, blended full of butter and creamy as can be.  His shrimp was good, though he admits he's not a connoisseur of seafood.

Then...dessert.  A small square of carrot cake and a blueberry mousse in a dark chocolate cup for each of us.  I devoured the carrot cake and half the tiny mousse before I gave up.  I had already surpassed my stomach's limits.  Prof. PB gladly finished mine.  Once again, I was SO sad I couldn't eat more.  That carrot cake was to die for.

Overall, the food was amazing, and the dining service was acceptable, but the wait was very frustrating.  I think we should have gotten at least a free glass of wine or something.  Our total bill was $98 with tax, and we had a $68 gift card, so only paid $30 out of pocket, plus a generous $20 tip.  Valet parking was $16 plus tip, which was nice since parking in Boston is such a nightmare, and it was cold and windy.  An expensive evening to be sure, but it could have been a lot more so.

Food Review
Chef Shorty: 4.5 noms (Lesson learned: always get steak at a steak house.)
Prof. Peanutbutter: 5 noms

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